The Church of the Believers owns and runs a grade school.  Classes are conducted for a total enrollment of 210 students.  Of these, 45 are orphans. Most of the students are children of members of Church of the Believers' churches.

In like manner, Church of the Believers owns and manages a Middle School and a High School.  In the Middle School there are a total of 180 students of which 65 are from the orphanages.  In the High School there are 246 students of which 50 are from our orphanages.

These schools are important for building the Kingdom because our teachers are Christian and instruction in the Bible is a required subject in each of our schools.  A chapel service is conducted weekly. Prominent church leaders from Church of the Believers and other churches are invited and encouraged to preach at these services.  Attendance is mandatory for all students.

The following is an example of how our undergraduate education program is helping to build God's Kingdom. Because God honors our emphasis on the teaching of the Bible and chapel services for the students, many of the students come to believe in Christ's atoning death on the cross.  For example, sixty-five child soldiers studied in our school system.  Through the power of the Holy Spirit, these special students successfully completed the required program of the school without causing any trouble, and some were saved. Some of the graduates have become pastors and evangelists.  Others are playing key roles in their respective churches in Africa. Some of the graduates are attending Bible colleges and seminaries in Liberia.

Our churches are filled with weekly activities. The Lord's Day service (Sunday) focuses on:

Songs of Praise to the Lord
Teaching and Preaching

The  teaching of the Word of God has been inspiring, dynamic, and biblical;  indeed, our focus is the gospel; - "… that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, and that He was buried, and that He was raised on the third day according to the Scriptures" (1 Cor. 15:3-5). The joy is God, who reconciled us unto Himself in Christ, and has entrusted us with the gospel of reconciliation (2 Cor. 5:17-20).

In addition to this, our churches also conduct a worship service on either Wednesday or Thursday evening which is similar to the Sunday morning service. Also, we conduct Wednesday and Friday prayer meetings from 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. in most of our churches, and these meetings are well attended.

Some of the churches meet weekly on either Friday or Saturday for all-night prayer time.  Each of the local churches have "praying mothers" whose responsibilities are to be prayer warriors for their churches. They also visit and pray with the sick and shut-in members.  God is answering prayers:  Sally John, a member, had her sight restored as the result of the weekly prayer meeting.  One of our dependants, Patience, was also healed from a sickness which was believed to be the result of witchcraft. We believed it was witchcraft because, Patience reported that something jumped on her left hand while playing with her peers in the yard, and no one saw the "thing" that jumped on her hand. That's one of the ways witchcraft can operate in Africa.  She immediately fell on the ground, convulsing.  At this time Pastor Prince Bantoe was in the house; he came out and prayed fervently to God for her healing.  She also was taken to the weekly prayer group and they prayed for her.  These are examples of how the Lord is blessing many people as a result of the persistent prayers of the believers.  Thank You, Lord!

The Church holds yearly conferences to help build the Body of Christ. There are two types of conferences: district conferences and a national conference. District Conferences focus on planning and implementation within a district, while the National Conference focuses on the entire National Church of Church of the Believers, Inc.

The National Conference is held once a year in December.  The National Conference brings together 40-60 pastors/church leaders and 200-300 participants depending on the venue of the conference.  Delegates, from far and near who attend the conference, are self-transported.  Most walk.  Some walk for 1 day, others walk for 2 days to attend.  They carry bundles of food, as each church is expected to bring food to be shared among all conference participants.

A District Conference will typically include about 10-20 pastors, depending on the number of churches in that district, and 75-150 other individuals.    Most attendees are from Church of the Believers' churches and others who are invited to attend the conference.

The conferences last for a week.  A typical daily agenda includes Prayer (4 times per day), Worship and Praise (3 times per day), Bible teaching (2 times per day), Reporting of Activities by church leaders, training for pastors and other items necessary for conducting the business of the church.  The Christian Fellowship which occurs among the delegates is inspiring and exciting during every conference.

God has blessed us at these conferences in a variety of ways.  At most of our conferences, souls are saved into eternal life with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Some who have been involved in voodoo confessed their sins. Some who were possessed by demons have been delivered through the power of the Holy Spirit.  There have been occasions where statutes of voodoo idols have been turned into the church to be destroyed by burning them.  For example, in 1998 a tribal elder (not a Christian elder) gave his idol (god) to Pastor Charles Gaye in Zarwulugbo; he accepted Christ and prayed for God to forgive him.


The Voice of the Bible is a radio Bible training ministry operated by AICM through Church of the Believers in Liberia.  Its objective is to train pastors, church leaders, and saints who are unable to attend Bible school due to work and being geographically too far away or having limited transportation.   Dr. R. Zarwulugbo Liberty teaches every Wednesday for thirty minutes on the Liberia Broadcasting System, the nation's radio station.  This station covers the entire country.

 Samuel Gezaye, who resides in New Jersey, recently visited Liberia.  He was unaware of the  country-wide radio program in Liberia.  While in Liberia, he heard about the program and realized the impact that the weekly Bible teaching was having in Liberia. Upon his return, He called me and praised God for what God is doing in Liberia as a result of the Bible teaching by radio. "The entire country is listening to your teaching," he concluded.

Deacon Joseph Gbogba, of Liberia, came to visit his son in Minnesota.  He also called and praised God for what God is doing in Liberia through the Voice of the Bible weekly broadcast.

The radio station on which this program is broadcast is Liberia's first radio station, and it's broadcast range makes it available to every home in Liberia.  Reports of listeners come in from Monrovia, the capital and largest city in Liberia and also from other counties in Liberia.  We estimate that over 300,000 homes are tuned into this weekly broadcast.  Our audience includes pastors, Bible School students, and others who love to hear the Word of God.


A cardinal objective of Africa International Christian Mission (AICM) is to promote ministerial and theological education throughout Africa. Thus, we are involved in the operation of Liberty Theological Seminary in Liberia.  Under the watchful eyes of qualified professors and instructors, a Certificate, Diploma, Associate and Bachelor degrees are granted in both Theology and Christian Education.  It is our prayer to offer Master's and Doctorate degrees in the future. As revival sweeps through Africa, solid teaching and preaching are absolutely essential.

Indigenous missionaries and pastors trained in this institution are sent out in remote areas of Liberia to pastor or plant new churches. The ministry supports some of them helping to fulfill the Great Commission.

The Seminary is located in Monrovia, the capital city of Liberia.  The seminary holds classes in the afternoon and evening hours within the same building that houses the Christian High School. It is owned and operated by Church of the Believers, Inc. along with Africa International Christian Mission.  We have graduated many students since the establishment of this seminary in1993. Some of the graduates are sent out by their churches/denominations that sent them to us for training, and we also send out those who are from our ministry for church planting in other parts of Liberia.

To give you an idea of how God has blessed this work, let me tell you about Pastor William Kornah.  He was trained and sent out to plant a church in Lofa County, Liberia. Pastor Kornah successfully planted a church in that county in 2001.  His church is reproducing and has now planted three other sister churches in that county.  Praise the Lord for the good He accomplishes through the efforts of those who love Him.
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