Our mission is to assist Christian Churches
 in implementing the Great Commission
 of Jesus Christ in Africa by ministering
 to the total spiritual and physical man.
To be the agent of independent churches in Africa to find
 foreign missions and missionaries who want to partner with African Churches.

To identify needed indigenous pastors, missionaries
 and evangelists in Africa for support.

To encourage other churches, Christian organizations and
individuals to partner with A.I.C.M. and
 the Fellowship of Christian Churches of Africa International.

To serve as a foundation to raise funds for support of AICM ministries.

To plan seminars, workshops, crusades and special Bible Conferences for the
African church leaders and evangelists in the United States and vice-versa,
 for the spiritual enrichment of every believer.

To arrange regularly for the visit of African pastors and missionaries to
 the United States and as well as Western pastors and missionaries
 to visit and work with African independent churches.

To uphold one another in prayer and administer relief in times of crises.

Search out indigenous missionary agencies in Africa,
evaluate their faithfulness and make them known to Christians
everywhere for prayer and financial assistance.

To plan mission trips to and from Africa regularly.

To motivate and mobilize churches in the United States
to engage in foreign missions.

To promote strong ministerial and missionary education in Africa.